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Modern Cotton Stretch Denim - Indigo

Modern Cotton Stretch Denim - Indigo

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This modern stretch denim features a smooth finish in a solid indigo blue shade. Its elasticity makes it ideal for crafting well-fitted jeans. The fabric's versatility is perfect for creative endeavors; you can experiment with making a trench coat, skirt, or dress. Alternatively, stick to the classics with a pair of jeans, a jacket, and more.

This fabric would look great as the Nell Pants from Vikisews Patterns

This fabric would look good with our Italian Floral Plaid Print Burnout Silk & Cotton - Black/Navy/White/Silver

Width: 50 Inch             Weight: Medium                                                                        Use: Jacket, Pants, Skirt                 Color: Indigo      

SKU # 4403   Content: 98% Cotton, 2% Stretch

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