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Fringe Jumbo Wool Plaid - Beige, Grey & Black

Fringe Jumbo Wool Plaid - Beige, Grey & Black

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This is a chic and on trend wool fabric! This wool is sold by the panel and features a built-in matching fringe, giving it a lux custom look! Beige, Grey and Black neutral's make up the modern jumbo plaid pattern. This fabric is perfect for a designer level winter coat or get creative with a skirt or poncho. 

This fabric is sold by the panel, each panel is 44 in which translates to 1.22 yards.  

This fabric would look great as the Dolores Coat from Vikisews Patterns       

Content: 80% Wool, 20% Poly             Weight:   Medium/Heavy.                                     

Use: Coats, Dresses, Jackets.                Width: 60"           Color: Beige, Grey & Black         

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